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Laboratoire Statistique et Génome
23 boulevard de France
91037 Évry, France

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List of publications by dalmasso ordered by year
Journal article
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphism-defined Class-I and Class-III MHC genetic subregions contribute to natural long-term non progression in HIV infection
    Guergnon, J. and Dalmasso, C. and Broet, P. and Meyer, L. and Westrop, S.J. and Imami, N. and Vicenzi, E. and Morsica, G. and Tinelli, M. and Poma, B.Z. and Goujard, C. and Potard, V. and Gotch, F.M. and Casoli, C. and Cossarizza, A. and others, O.
    Journal of Infectious Diseases Vol. 205 No. 5 pp. 718-24
Journal article
  • Combined genomic and phenotype screening reveals secretory factor SPINK1 as an invasion and survival factor associated with patient prognosis in breast cancer
    Soon, W.W. and Miller, L.D. and Black, M.A. and Dalmasso, C. and Chan, X.B. and Pang, B. and Ong, C.W. and Salto-Tellez, M. and Desai, K.V. and Liu, E.T.
    EMBO Molecular Medicine Vol. x No. x;jsessionid=DC83D9EB821B6FA27C0B012E39B701C9.d01t02
  • Detection of chromosomal abnormalities using high resolution arrays in clinical cancer research
    Dalmasso, C. and Broët, P.
    Journal of Biomedical Informatics No. doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2011.06.003
  • Genetics of VEGF Serum Variation in Human Isolated Populations of Cilento: Importance of VEGF Polymorphisms.
    Ruggiero, D. and Dalmasso, C. and Nutile, T. and Sorice, R. and Dionisi, L. and Aversano, M. and Broët, P. and Leutenegger, A.L. and Bourgain, C. and Ciullo, M.
    PLoS One Vol. 6 No. 2 pp. e16982
  • Genomic Profiles Specific to Patient Ethnicity in Lung Adenocarcinoma
    Broet, P. and Dalmasso, C. and Tan, E.H. and Alifano, M. and Zhang, S.L. and Wu, J. and Lee, M.H. and Regnard, J.F. and Lim, W.T. and Koong, H.N. and Agasthian, T. and Miller, L. and Camilleri-Broet, S. and Tan, P.
    Clinical Cancer Research Vol. 17 No. 11 pp. 3542-50
Journal article
  • False discovery rate estimation for frequentist pharmacovigilance signal detection methods.
    Ahmed, I. and Dalmasso, C. and Haramburu, F. and Thiessard, F. and Broët, P. and Tubert-Bitter, P.
    Biometrics Vol. 66 No. 1 pp. 301--309
  • Genomic aberrations associated with outcome in anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors treated within the EORTC phase III trial 26951.
    Idbaih, A. and Dalmasso, C. and Kouwenhoven, M. and Jeuken, J. and Carpentier, C. and Gorlia, T. and Kros, J.M. and French, P. and Teepen, J. and Broët, P. and Delattre, O. and Mokhtari, K. and Sanson, M. and Delattre, J.Y. and Van den Bent, M. and Hoang-
    J Neurooncol Vol. [Epub ahead of print]
Journal article
  • Impaired performance of FDR-based strategies in whole-genome association studies when SNPs are excluded prior to the analysis.
    Marenne, G. and Dalmasso, C. and Perdry, H. and Génin, E. and Broët, P.
    Genet Epidemiol Vol. 33 No. 1 pp. 45--53
Journal article
  • A weighted-Holm procedure accounting for allele frequencies in genomewide association studies.
    Dalmasso, C. and Génin, E. and Trégouet, D.A.
    Genetics Vol. 180 No. 1 pp. 697--702
  • Distinct genetic loci control plasma HIV-RNA and cellular HIV-DNA levels in HIV-1 infection: the ANRS Genome Wide Association 01 study.
    Dalmasso, C. and Carpentier, W. and Meyer, L. and Rouzioux, C. and Goujard, C. and Chaix, M.L. and Lambotte, O. and Avettand-Fenoel, V. and Le Clerc, S. and Denis de Senneville, L. and Deveau, C. and Boufassa, F. and Debré, P. and Delfraissy, J.F. and Bro
    PLoS One Vol. 3 No. 12 pp. e3907
  • Identification and replication of a novel obesity locus on chromosome 1q24 in isolated populations of Cilento.
    Ciullo, M. and Nutile, T. and Dalmasso, C. and Sorice, R. and Bellenguez, C. and Colonna, V. and Persico, M.G. and Bourgain, C.
    Diabetes Vol. 57 No. 3 pp. 783--790
Journal article
  • A constrained polynomial regression procedure for estimating the local False Discovery Rate.
    Dalmasso, C. and Bar-Hen, A. and Broët, P.
    BMC Bioinformatics Vol. 8 pp. 229
  • A mixture model approach to multiple testing for the genetic analysis of gene expression.
    Dalmasso, C. and Pickrell, J. and Tuefferd, M. and Génin, E. and Bourgain, C. and Broët, P.
    BMC Proc Vol. 1 Suppl 1 pp. S141
  • Multiple testing in the genomics era: findings from Genetic Analysis Workshop 15, Group 15.
    Martin, L.J. and Woo, J.G. and Avery, C.L. and Chen, H.S. and North, K.E. and Au, K. and Broët, P. and Dalmasso, C. and Guedj, M. and Holmans, P. and Huang, B. and Kuo, P.H. and Lam, A.C. and Li, H. and Manning, A. and Nikolov, I. and Sinha, R. and Shi, J
    Genet Epidemiol Vol. 31 Suppl 1 pp. S124--S131
Journal article
  • False discovery rate.
    Bar-Hen, A. and Broët, P. and Dalmasso, C. and Daudin, J.J. and Robin, S.
    Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics: Second Edition. Vol. 1 pp. 1-9
Journal article
  • A simple procedure for estimating the false discovery rate.
    Dalmasso, C. and Broët, P. and Moreau, T.
    Bioinformatics Vol. 21 No. 5 pp. 660--668
  • Procédures d'estimation du false discovery rate basées sur la distribution des degrés de signification.
    Dalmasso, C. and Broët, P.
    Journal de la Société française de Statistique Vol. 146 No. 1
Journal article
  • A mixture model-based strategy for selecting sets of genes in multiclass response microarray experiments.
    Broët, P. and Lewin, A. and Richardson, S. and Dalmasso, C. and Magdelenat, H.
    Bioinformatics Vol. 20 No. 16 pp. 2562--2571
  • [Multiple comparison procedures: principles, limits. Applications to microarray phenotype-genotype analysis].
    Dalmasso, C. and Broët, P. and Moreau, T.
    Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique Vol. 52 No. 6 pp. 523--537


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