Marine Jeanmougin

Doctorante (BDI)

tel : +(33) 1 64 85 35 36
fax : +(33) 1 64 85 35 49

Laboratoire Statistique et Génome
23 boulevard de France
91037 Évry, France

Here is a detailed Vitae CV.

I am a Ph.D student in Biostatistics at the Evry University. I am working in the Statistique et Génome Lab and in Pharnext, a french biopharmaceutical company. My projects focuse on expression data analysis, including normalization and gene selection issues as well as network inference strategies.

Research interests

  • Hypothesis testing: differential analysis, over-representation tests
  • Network inference: Gaussian graphical models, penalized regression
  • Heterogeneous data integration: omics data, PPI, pathways…
  • Breast cancer


Statistical methods for a robust analysis of the transcriptome by the integration of biological prior knowledge.



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List of publications by jeanmougin ordered by year
Book chapter
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models for Genetics, Genomics and Postgenomics
    Jeanmougin, M. and Charbonnier, C. and Guedj, M. and Chiquet, J. pp. xxx
    Oxford University Press
Journal article
In proceedings
  • Improving gene signatures by the identification of differentially expressed modules in molecular networks : a local-score approach.
    Jeanmougin, M.
    JOBIM pp. 103-111
    Ambroise, C. and Bouaziz, M. and Guedj, M.
  • Statistical methods for robust analysis of transcriptome data by integration of biological knowledge.
    Jeanmougin, M.
    Thèse de doctorat, Université d'Évry val d'Essonne   
Book chapter
  • Multiple-testing in large-scale genetic studies
    Bouaziz, M. and Jeanmougin, M. and Guedj, M.
    Bonin A, Pompanon F eds, Methods in Molecular Biology Series, Humana Press.
Journal article
Seminar and communication
Journal article
  • Should We Abandon the t-Test in the Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data: A Comparison of Variance Modeling Strategies
    Jeanmougin, M. and de Reynies, A. and Marisa, L. and Paccard, C. and Nuel, G. and Guedj, M.
    PLoS ONE Vol. 5 No. 9 pp. e12336
Seminar and communication
  • Should we abandon the t-test: a statistical comparison of 8 tests of differential gene expression. SMPGD, Paris.
    Jeanmougin, M. and Guedj, M.
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